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AutoVerkoop 336x280

The new extended car theft prevention!

Extended  V.I.N. etching kit now available in Europe.
This innovative new way to etch your car windows with the V.I.N. number & a personal internet address will become the new global standard.

Protect your car against thieves now , in a short term gps tracking devices from popular brands will come with the extended V.I.N. etching kit.
Read more, to see if you are entitled to get a discount from your insurance company. 

We are the only worldwide supplier of the Extended V.I.N. etching kit!

Introduction price €34.95 !

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V.I.N. Extented etching kit
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Five minutes, five steps, fourteen permenantly engraved car windows !
Engrave now the V.I.N. (Vehicle Identification Number) & an unique internet address for your vehicle.

Select the windows.

Engrave car windows
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Apply the custom made stencils.

Custom made stencil
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Apply the etching cream.

Etching cream
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Remove the stencil.

Remove text stencil
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Apply the warning stickers.

Vin etching kit
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How does it look like whenever someone looks up my internet address?

The status of your vehicle is now 24 hours per day available on the internet.
Your own unique internet address combined with the V.I.N. (vehicle identification number) permanently marked / etched in all car windows.


It will directly lead you via the engraved URL to the page where the status of your car will
be shown to anyone.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can i really do this myself?

Absolutely! Our company sold more than 2.500.000 Etching kits as of 1984. Without any complains. Everybody can do this within 5 minutes. The extended etching kit comes with a very specified manual.

Are the letter and numbers not to big on my windows?

All stencils produced for the extended V.I.N etching kit are 6 mm in height. You can place the etching in a left or right corner of the window, So it will be small but of course visible for those who consider stealing your vehicle. The color is gray and not annoying at all!

How do i register my car via www.spotty.eu?

The registration of your vehicles new internet address speaks for itself. The extended V.I.N. etching kit comes with a specified manual which leads you step by step through the registrations as well, but next to this we selected Spotty.eu as a partner due to the user friendly set-up.

How are my private details protected after registration?

The registration database used by Spotty.eu is encrypted with the AES256 standard approved by thegovernment of the united states of America. So nobody can see your details, and next to this there is no need to enter address details, it's like a simple V.I.N registration linked to your personal internet address on which you can change the status of your vehicle.


What if i sell my registered car?

You can simply tell the buyer to register the car under his or her name, Spotty will arrange the verification for this via email towards your account. Or you can simply delete your registration and the new owner can register without any additional costs their new property.

Do i get a discount from my insurance company if i use this innovative etching system?

Due to the theft prevention that comes with this extended V.I.N. etching kit we already provide someinsurance companies with our kits. Some insurance companies decided to make it available for FREE, and some give a discount on the monthly charges. This is a question which you will need to verify with your personal insurance company. In a short term we will start publishing the insurance companies which give discounts or provide our product for free towards their customers.
Please read this article on www.nasdaq.com

What happens if someone finds my stolen property?

Everybody, police for example, can leave their details on the website from Spotty.eu whenever they located your stolen property. After this you will receive an email with the contact details. Even if you would like to be anonymous Spotty.eu provides a communication platform where you can communicateanonymously with the person who reported your stolen item as found.



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V.I.N. Extented etching kit now available in Europe.


Drawing (14) Thieves do chose another car..

If the windows are ETCHED!

Windows are extremely expensive to replace, therefore leaving a 'footprint' of your VIN Number and your own internet address on all windows is not only logical, but also a huge deterrent to potential thieves that may be 'eyeing your vehicle. They would much prefer to move onto the next one that doesn't involve the hassle and expense of replacing windows.


WWWWhat is so innovative?

Your car gets an internet address!

All car windows will get the V.I.N number and aunique internet address engraved permanently This makes the status of your car accessible for everyone,so police, insurance companies, a buyer, a seller, and of course a possible thief. When a thief notices these permanent engraved marking he will almost for 100% sure choose the next car in line.